Beverly Gay Duba Service Award

The Beverly Gay Duba Service Award

Created in 2015 by Honored Lady Janet Harrison PGRM and Sir Knight Ernesto B Sayo JR PGRP

This award is presented to Honored Ladies and Sir Knights who strive to make a difference and assist in promoting the usefulness to the order.

2016 Grand Court Session:
Anchor: Lynn Boscosky
Beehive-Sacramento: Joselito Viray
Black Diamond: Nancy Van Meter
Candlelight: Sue Tefft
Eureka: Margaret Richmond
Fremont: Sherryl LeVar
Joshua: Lynn Olson
Golden Crown: Judy Payne
Loyalty: Barbara Rice
Mission Bell: David Decker
Serenity: Dana Wyatt

2017 Grand Court Session:
Anchor: Marilyn Tremblay
Black Diamond: Maria Cuenco
Candlelight: Miriam Baker
Crescent: Pollie Dory
Eureka: Donna Kennard
Fremont: Toby Sinclair
Golden Crown: Dorcas Aunger
Joshua: May Laing
Loyalty: John Rice
Mission Bell: John Thomas
Palo Alto: Ann Horrillo
Serenity: Orene Carroll

2018 Grand Court Session
Anchor: Carolyn McGill
Beehive-Sacramento: Ashley Perkins
Black Diamond: Joji Sayo
Candlelight: Nancy Kell
Crescent: Chet Socco
Eureka: Paul Wright
Fremont: Norma Harrison
Golden Crown: Rondel Bezner
Joshua: Lilla Rutter
Loyalty: Cliff Byard
Mission Bell: Nancy Decker
Palo Alto: Carol Gross
Serenity: Bonnie Wyatt

2019 Grand Court Session
Anchor: Evelyn De la rosa
Beehive-Sacramento: Annette Segura
Black Diamond: Flora Dolojan
Candlelight: Tom Baker
Crescent: Rosario Chet Socco
Eureka: Elizabeth Lorig
Fremont: Charene “Joy” Pruett
Golden Crown: David Bezner
Loyalty: Gloria Plummer
Mission Bell: Donna Mae Roberson
Serenity: Rebecca Darrow

2020 Grand Court Session
Beehive-Sacramento: Norma Viray
Black Diamond: Marylou Calalang
Candlelight: Cathy Rogers
Crescent: Vem Macaraeg
Eureka: Tricia Coombs
Fremont: Aaron Payne
Golden Crown: Richard Marsh
Mission Bell: Sharon Wilson

2020 – 2021 Grand Court Session
Beehive-Sacramento: Anna Leah Grospe
Black Diamond: Ernesto B. Sayo, Jr.
Candlelight: Corin Gross
Eureka: Dolores Wright
Fremont: Janet Harrison
Golden Crown: Deb Winn
Loyalty: Elizabeth Nava
Mission Bell: David Decker
Serenity: Cindi Tabrisky